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Klein Kliphuis, Pakhuis Pass, Cederberg

Place: Klein Kliphuis, Pakhuis Pass, Cederberg, Western Cape

Closest Town: Clanwilliam (13km)
Facilities: Nice ablutions but in a slightly odd, unused and collapsed structure, braai areas
Water: Nope
Surroundings: Rugged Cederberg
Turf: Shady, soft, green grass
Distance from CT: 240km
Privacy: Good…but purely because we were the only folk there
Highlight: Convenience
Cost: R30 pppn
Contact: Joan 0274822564

Admittedly, we didn’t stop here to admire the scenery or explore the terrain of the farm or Pakhuis Pass, it was purely chosen as the most convenient, non-commercial stopover. It isn’t well advertised or something I’ve heard anyone mention or recommend, so a little jolt in my memory from having passed it before was quite lucky.
I doubt that too many people stay here. It’s situated a few km into the Pakhuis Pass from Clanwilliam– a location slightly far, awkward and lacking for the avid (and average, for that matter) Cederberg weekend traveller. But, the convenience of a campsite very close to Clanwilliam that isn’t part of that disastrous dam “resort” made it worthwhile, as did the fact that the four available sites were empty, except for us. Camping is dirt cheap, the owners very accommodating and the location functions as a perfect stopover on a Friday night for adventures further inland.
Unfortunately, I have no pics since we arrived late and left early.