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Twee Rivieren, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Northern Cape

Place: Twee Rivieren Camp, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Northern Cape

Closest Town: Upington (339km)
Facilities: Excellent- SANParks at their best (suspect wine in the shop though)
Water: None, just the stuff that comes out the tap
Surroundings: Northern Cape Bushveld. The park fence
Turf: Scattered shade, thorny, gravelly, not always flat
Distance from CT: Roughly 1100km
Privacy: Not much, but the camp is fairly small
Highlight: The Park, The Pool
Cost: March 2011- (see for updated fees)

Twee Rivieren Campsite
Driving north through Kgalagadi
On the SA-Botswana border

SANParks just works. You expect what you get and what you get is pretty decent. Their shops have that nostalgic Kruger smell, are super well stocked (including patch kits for those who insist on taking their blow-up mattresses to thorny bushveld), everything works and is clean and decent.
In my opinion, this camp in particular is at a slight disadvantage. It’s just outside the park, so you feel a little excluded and on the fringe of what you really travel there for. Shade is a commodity and the ground is pretty rough. However, you don’t travel to the north of South Africa and expect green pastures, willow trees and trickling brooks. If you do, I suspect you’ll be sorely disappointed.
The actual park experience was also slightly compromised by the closure of one of the two roads that takes you up north through the park, so every game drive started off with the same 20- 30 minute meander that’s isn’t exactly ideal for game viewing.
Nevertheless, I’d go back, but would book well in advance so a spot at one of the other campsites (Nossob or Mata Mata) is guaranteed.