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Jamaka Organic Farm, Cederberg, Western Cape

Place: Jamaka Organic Farm, Cederberg, Western Cape

Closest Town: Clan William (about 25km)
Facilities: One basic ablution a little far from most sites, and very far from the end ones
Water: Nicely situated on the Rondegat River
Surroundings: Cederberg
Turf: Beach-sandy, some more grassy, shady
Distance from CT: 224km
Privacy: Great! (A rare thing when camping)
Highlight: The River
Cost: R120 per campiste per night (includes 4 people), R30 pp extra
Contact:, 027 482 2801, 082 466 4331,
GPS Coordinates: -32.320794,19.014587

Campsite on the Rondegat River
Road to Jamaka Farm

Finding a hike

River pool at the older campsite

Newer campsite

Our spot 

My first impression of the Jamaka campsite was a good one. It seemed that someone finally got the design of a campsite right. The entire campsite is essentially separated into two parts and the part we camped at felt a little more private and less resorty than the other (I believe it is the newer part of the campiste). Almost all the sites are situated on the Rondegat River (with direct access to it), they’re generously spaced out, but purposefully separated by trees and bushes that work well to keep out views of the neighbours and the sounds of their accompanying conversations. There’s also a big field in the middle of the campsite where camping is restricted, which enhances the feeling of privacy.
There are two main problems though. First, the only ablution block on our part of the campsite was small and is situated on the other side of the field- stupidly far from the sites further down the river. Second, there is little to do in general, but be lazy. The river is better suited to kids and the walks on the farm are short and fairly disappointing, which resulted in a bumpy 45 minute drive south to Sanddrif to climb up to The Cracks.
If you want a place to lounge around and drink beer with a bunch of mates or a place where your kids can roam free, it’s a great spot. Personally, I wouldn’t rush back.