Canon Road Campsite: a gem in southern Namibia

Place: Canon Road Campsite, Gondwana Canon Park, Namibia
Closest Town: Grunau (?km), 20 km from the Fish River Canyon
Facilities: Excellent ablutions including great showers with hot water- one for every two campsites. Restaurant, Self-catering accommodation also available
Water: It’s the desert, but they do boast a pool with a splendid view
Surroundings: Namibian desert-like conditions in the canyon lands
Turf: Sandy spots generally under large, much-needed trees
Distance from CT: roughly 886 km
Privacy: Sites have been laid out in twos, but because the campsite is very spaced out in general, lack of privacy is not really a problem
Highlight: A really rustic campsite that captures the essence of southern Namibia, the Fish river canyon (25km away), the selection of rusting, vintage cars on the property
Cost: N$ 120 per person (rates until October 2011)
Contact: Website

I’ll start off by apologising for the map. I’m pretty certain that it includes the area where Canon Road Campsite is situated, although I cannot be sure (which drives me nuts). And it’s a good 3 years since I visited this spot, so take the map lightly and forget about GPS coordinates- if you stay here, you’ll be emailed directions anyway. I know it’s not in South Africa, but it would be a pity to not to give this spot a mention.
So what’s this spot about? Pure, wholesome Namibian desert goodness, that’s what. We visited here as part of a trip to Augrabies Falls and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the Northern Cape of South Africa and had booked a site by pure chance after some very frustrating searching. I’m damn glad we did.
Some may argue that there’s not much to do, but my guess is that one generally visits this area to see the Fish River Canyon as one part of a more substantial trip. If you’re in the hood, stay here. It was super chilled, very quaint and kind of everything I’d hope a desert campsite to be.
The sites were brilliant and very cleverly ‘organised’ in twos, so you would never be too close to more than one other camping group. An additional bonus is that you only have to share your closest ablution block with those immediate neighbours and the facilities are probably the best and most modern I have seen to date. Most sites seem to have a massive tree in the centre with ample space for a number of tents to be pitched underneath, so shade in feisty desert conditions need not be your main concern. There’s also a pool, a restaurant and some vintage cars to keep you occupied if you’re not out sightseeing.
In my opinion, it’s one of the better campsites I’ve been to and I’d certainly advise a stopover even if you’re just passing through.
Our Campsite
The pool

The aggressive Cobra we saw

Canon Roadhouse

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2 responses to “Canon Road Campsite: a gem in southern Namibia”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I've really come to love reading your blog! You've been to so many interesting places and seen so much beauty out there.
    I was wondering what kind of equipment you use? Also, do you use the same stuff everywhere, or do you change it up based on where you are headed?
    I generally pick up whatever I need in the camping section of Sportsman's Guide. If you have any recommendations about where to get it or what to use I'd love to hear your opinion.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. Jayne says :

    Hi! Thank you! Our equipment tends to be fairly basic- there's a lot of stuff that we've accumulated over time (which tends not to be too often because stuff lasts pretty long). I suppose for more affordable basics like tents, chairs and mattresses, kettle etc Sportsman's, Game, Makro and Outdoor Warehouse are the best for variety and they often have specials. We are finding, however, that the more we go camping the more we want to have to make the experience “better” and easier, even though you can certainly do without a lot of things! E.g. Shade cloth, table, car fridge/ big cool box. Some places are better experienced with certain equipment e.g. I wouldn't head north in summer without a proper cool box or car fridge and I wouldn't head anywhere deserty without a shade cloth as a ground cover because of the sand. We're finding we actually need to replace a few basics now. My first port of call will be the above mentioned shops for a tent, chair and mattress. In terms of what we take, we tend to have a stash of camping stuff (from sleeping stuff to kitchen utensils) packed and ready to go. That way, when we go camping, we just pack it all in without having to think. Hope that helps!

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