Augrabies Falls, Augrabies National Park, Northern Cape

Place: Augrabies Falls, Northern Cape

Closest Town: Pofadder (152km)
Facilities: Excellent- SANParks at their best (suspect wine in the shop though)
Water: Orange River and Augrabies Falls, but not the swimmable kind
Surroundings: Northern Cape Camelman
Turf: Shady, not ideal for blow-up mattresses, gravelly, well-organised
Distance from CT: Roughly 800km
Privacy: Great job at trying to keep campsites separate or with ample space in between
Highlight: The Falls, the area
Cost: March 2011- (see for updated fees)
GPS Coordinates: -28.536275,20.319214

 Augrabies National Park
Orange River, Augrabies 

The infamous Pofadder

On our way up north……

Northern Cape Landscape

Overlooking the Orange River

Augrabies Falls
SANParks has a formula that works. You accept that their parks/reserves are more frequented that your neighbourhood farmer’s rustic river campsite, but then you also appreciate the efficiency of how they work because you’re usually there on holiday after a long drive through and past meaninglessness. That’s partly a lie. That comment is in particular reference to the Northern Cape and its tendency to be quite repetitive when it comes to the scenery outside the vicinity of the Orange River. It was also mildly influenced by Pofadder, which was the last town we drove through and stupidly relied on for some supplies before arriving at Augrabies.
You go to Augrabies to see the falls. They are everything they are meant to be, but hours of contemplation seems like overkill, so you opt for a game drive instead. If you are as lucky as we were, you’ll spot one lone giraffe in the blurred distance and will settle for a couple of hours contemplating an illegal swim at a viewpoint overlooking the river. The view is spectacular, despite the lack of swim.
The actual campsites are great. Pretty private and spread out, but not ideal for blow-up mattress die-hards who choose to ignore the logistics of camping under Fever or Camel Thorn trees. I didn’t have that problem, so was quite content until I stocked up with the regions finest, Oranjerivier Cellars, for sundowners…and almost choked.

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